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Our teachers, therapists, speakers, partners vary depending on each retreat but it is first and foremost a matter of meaningful connection!

Not to forget: professionalism.

Our partners are officially certified, competent and recognized in their field.

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Caroll Leiterer

Passionate about travelling, yogini for more than 10 years and having previously worked mainly within the fast pace international logistics industry in Martinique, Singapore and the United States, I realize the urgency of slowing down and reconnecting to my femininity. As a result, I quit my position as a CEO of a company, in order to fulfill my dream: to travel around the world, in search for meaning and soulmate. After a year and a half of adventures, many kilometers traveled, a beautiful “involution” and the long-awaited encounter, it is finally in Anduze, at the doors of the natural park of Cevennes, that I settled to launch the Woment project, in adequacy with my values and my deep aspirations.

My mission? To awaken something in women: the importance of taking time for yourself and listening to your heart ...

La fondatrice - Woment

Our partners


Marie-Ange Amiand

Professional dancer, introduction to yoga practice teacher, certified energy healing massages practitioner (shiatsu, Korean relaxation, Kobido), personal and professional coach / trainer.

Marie-Ange has lived in the Cévennes since 1990. Certified as a cultural and social actions professional, she created an association whose objective is to promote arts and any activity related to the well-being and health in the rural social class. The artistic sensitizations carried out with different public (children, adults, handicapped, people with difficult social conditions) have gradually lead her towards training. Among other things, she works with people who want to use the theatrical and corporal expression as a mediation tool in their professional activity (psychomotor therapists, specialized educators, ...). It is this plurality and complementarity approaches that will make Marie-Ange know how to awaken all your senses, in tune with her colorful rhythms of creativity, intuition and improvisation.


Sophie Wikstrom

Soulfood Chef & Social Entrepreneuse - Soul circle / www.soulcircle.co

The Entrepreneur behind Soul Circle, has also owned and managed her own Vegan restaurant "NiceLife" in South of France for 3 years, created pop-ups in the French Alps in Chamonix, been guest chef-ing in Sweden and worked with yoga festivals in Monaco & France. With her Swiss hotel management education & experience in luxury hotels like Ritz in Paris and working for prestigious events like Monaco Grand Prix, she is aiming to redefine luxury with her own down-to-earth approach: “less is more”. Her passion for food started early, inspired by her father experimenting with flavors and always coming up with new recipes. Her parents inspired her to think outside of the box, by cooking games at home; creating threes course dinners only with what was left at the end of the week in the refrigerator. Every meal shared with the family was a sacred moment of love and restaurant visits easily turned into an Italian food critic show, eating from each other's plates, rating the taste, coming up with new recipes... She just completed her studies on integrative nutrition with the learnings from David Avocado Wolfe. This to expand her knowledge of raw food, herbal and Chinese medicine, as well as learning how to grow her own food this last summer on an award winning organic farm in Sweden. Her next project is her upcoming book release called « Abundance » - 21 days of Creative living.

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Located at the heart of the natural park of Cevennes, Semelles au Vent is an ethical travel agency that promotes sustainable tourism. They design and offer hiking trips in the South of France and abroad, caring  about values such as respecting the environment, the territories traveled to, the inhabitants lifestyles as well as their culture and history. Their philosophy: to embrace life along with the opportunities, the people it brings to us.  Semelles au vent will accompany you to discover the beauty of the Cevennes landscapes during a mindful walk, helping you to identify fauna, pick and taste edible plants ...